Raul Maldonado

Full Stack Data Analyst

Italian Trulli


My name is Raul, and I am a Data Analyst residing in San Francisco, Ca.

I enjoy solving problems and bringing value to both businesses and aspirant individuals through data & analytics-related tools or concepts. Going forward, I strive to be a " jack of all trades and a master of none" Data Scientist championing best practices, ethics, and implementations.

An example of this driven growth is working at Autodesk as a Data Analyst, Core Volunteer at PyBay 2019, Teaching Fellow at Delta Analytics, and a Substitute Teaching Assistant for UC Berkeley Extension's Data Analytics bootcamp.

If you are seeking a Full Stack Data Analyst (Data Scientist) with experience implementing SQL, Python, BI Dashboards, Data Pipelines, and Statistical Methods, and so much more, you can reach out to me via LinkedIn .

Have a great day!

        Note: My online alias is either Cloud Chaoszero or RaulingAverage. 
        If curious, I am happy to explain the former alias.