Where have I been? A recap of ‘21-‘22

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Where have I been?

2022, the sun is coming up, climate change is becoming more real, and I’ve never been more excited at some new challenges and joy in my life. I’ve been gone sometime! I had a combination of technical issues updating this blog, personal life updates, and work life udpates that prevented me from updating y’all.

They are:

  1. I started becoming a YIMBY and Bike/Transit Advocate in California
  2. I became a Senior Data Analyst at my current company
  3. I couldn’t update this blog due to code-dependency issues

1. YIMBY and Bike/Transit Advocate.

You can find how I get started into advocacy, here.


I advocate for diverse dense housing and tenant protections to ensure low-income people like my past self don’t get displaced, rent is stable, and more.

Ultimately, I would like to reduce poverty, end homelessness, eliminate racial segregation, create jobs, mitigate displacement, and slow climate change.

2. Senior Data Analyst

I’m happy to announce I am a Senior Data Analyst at Autodesk. Being within one part of the organization for ~3years helping 1,000+ internal business users with insights and analytic engineering, I went to another team within Autodesk to do the same things–but with a larger sub organization!

I remember my first day at Autodesk–it meant a lot to be a part of company with ethically positive impact in the world, at scale!

3. Code dependency issues

There was a major Gems issue in ~2021 preventing me from locally updating this website. However, I found a way to update this website differently, without focusing on Gems installation and modifications.