Farewell, MobileIron

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Today was my last day contracting for MobileIron. I was onboarded in August 2017 as the Business Application team’s Data Analyst for an ongoing project.

What has felt like such a small time-frame, almost one year, I am humbled to have had this great opportunity to work with a wonderful and diverse team. In my time there, I had the opportunity to become a certified Salesforce Administrator, participate in both Sprint and Scrum methodology, lead some post analysis and reporting initiatives in Domo, and so much more!

Additionally, I had the opportunity to go to Dreamforce 2017 for the first time; oh my, my goal to going to Dreamforce happened!

Dreamforce 2017

However, the best experiences at MobileIron were my team — especially learning from my manager. Both my team and my manager’s humbling and great thinking were a great opportunity for technical and business experience exposure, surrounding data. This diverse exposure to certain ideas, communication, and so much more has enabled me to grow my business skills simultaneous to my analytic related skills.

However, since the release of the project earlier this year, I knew I was excited for my next steps/challenges, while maintaining my evening role as a Teaching Assistant at a Data Bootcamp.

To you, the reader, here are a few learning lessons I learned in my time at MobileIron:

Sales Cycle is so much more than purchasing an item and Sales team ownership

With this opportunity, I not only learned about the general cycle of a B2B transaction, but I understood the technical flow of said transaction from Prospect to a Closed Won Opportunity. Additionally, I met a great and diverse group of Sales users in the Sales department. Additionally, I got to meet other individuals that partake in closing a transaction. I loved everyone’s high energy and great personalities. Adopting some of their own communication skills has allowed me to become an effective communicator with some of those users.

“Slow is Smooth, and Smooth is Fast”

I had the great opportunity to not only work with the Business Application team at MobileIron, but I had the pleasure of working with a great consulting Project Manager. His wonderful jokes, laughs, and general personality combined with his effective work ethic has showed me what it takes to balance work and family life.

One quote that stuck out to me when talking with him was “Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast”.

This changed the way I thought about assigned data analysis tasks. Getting the job done is great, but doing it with being mindful is better.

You are always learning

I had the opportunity to be under a great manager. She taught me a lot about how to accelerate my personal growth in data and business. She was even happy to teach me her strategies to emulate herself on being effective with business operations and communication. I am truly thankful for the opportunity for me to be the team’s Data Analyst…and her being a great mentor.


I am excited to start my next opportunity next week. I will have the opportunity to utilize some of my higher level technical skills. In particular, I will be using SQL, Python, and Angular.js within my next role’s responsibilities. Lastly, I get to work onsite with another great team and company!

So, farewell MobileIron. I am “owning” my career…..

with an “iron” fist. Get it (Mobile “Iron”)? haha


“Own it”


Raul Maldonado