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SQL Readability (2020)

6 minute read

Scenario: You submitted a Pull Request (PR) for a sophisticated contribution to production (prod), that you spent several hours working on.

Joining #Masks4All against Coronavirus

3 minute read

I am a avid viewer of Lex Fridman’s podcasts and other misc. content, particularly his Youtube videos. I recently watched one of his videos on “Face Masks fo...

2019 Lookback and the #2020Vision

5 minute read

It’s been a while since I’ve produced some quality personal content. Moreover, I’ve noticed that it’s been 1 year since my time as a Data Analyst at Autodesk...

Why I Upgraded my Website from HTML -> Jekyll

5 minute read

My initial blog started off with several considerations as a website. Should I create a website? If I create the website, how much would I have to pay for a ...

SaaS Metrics

5 minute read

This document is a review and breakdown of Metrics Definitions and formulas related to SaaS Metrics, particulary 16 SaaS Metrics critical for business growth