Finding Data Professional Mentors or Meetups in San Francisco Bay Area

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Though I never had the opportunity to be a part of, you either just finished your Data Analytics/Science bootcamp or class. #BelatedCongrats!

Or maybe you are just part of the following:

  1. Career change into the Data profession

  2. Recent college graduate

  3. Forgotten what places to go to to network

Well, don’t worry. The following information are some of the network opportunities I found in the Bay Area to help get you started.

*Note: *If you have some additional resources, let me know via Linkedin! I am happy to add and author your contribution.

Data Science

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A university’s group under name of San Francisco Data Science

DataKind, SF

  • A community of top data scientists and social sector leaders working to tackle the world’s toughest problems with data science.

AI & Deep Learning Enthusiasts (organized by same individual[s])

  • Group of individuals remotely or in person diving into AI & Deep Learning education and research space.
  1. Accel.Ai

Have not attended, but a friend has referred me to it.

Organized by Laura Montoya (Also organizer of the following)

  1. Latinx In AI

New group discussing AI ethics and other sessions. Great sessions based on what a friend has told me. I actually have not attended, but give it a try!

Programming or Python

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SF Python Bay Area

  • Lead by Grace Law and other members, SF Python hosts bi weekly Wednesday sessions where you can grow your technical career by learning and sharing what you know with other local Python developers.

  • Also organizing PyBay

PyLadies, SF Chapter

  • International mentorship group with a focus on helping more women and people who identify as women in a way significant to them become active participants and leaders in the Python open-source community.

Code for San Francisco- Civic Hack Night

  • Group of volunteers focused on civic tech and making government services better in San Francisco.

Other Networking Opportunities

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Toastmasters (SF)

  • Group organized to help you public speaking skills

Kaggler Noob Slack Channel

  • Want to partner with a group of n0obs that aim to compete in ML/AI related Kaggle Competitions? Well here is the place to be!

Techqueria Slack Channel

  • Hispanics for networking. I don’t participate in it, but it looks great!

Recommendations from Others

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  2. Facebook Events

  3. Galvanize Events

  4. Metis

  5. Word of Mouth

You can reach me through LinkedIn for any questions or suggestions.

Cheers! x