Next Career Move, Striving for Full-Time Contributing Analytic and Technical Solutions

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It’s been 1 week since I started the next part of my journey — a situation in which a lot of my coworkers appeared startled after responding “Nothing yet. I am going to start looking for my next opportunity soon” after the question “Where are you going to go next?”…

I made the decision to not extend my Business Data Analyst contract at a Top 10 Technology company.

Visiting one of many office workspaces

From the food, commuting, work environment, and various fruitful amenities provided from the role to working with a wonderful group of Business Intelligence, Insights, and Engineering individuals in an agile and great environment, I was still not satisfied. I was not content with myself.

I still yearned to deliver scalable data solutions with recognition as a team member of the encompassing organization, as opposed to an external contributor. Moreover, I wanted to acquire and grow new data-related skills and techniques while maintaining my existing proficient data analytics experiences.

“You are your own startup”

If you know me, my driven goals for career growth aspirations and providing qualitative analyses, automation, visualization, and knowledge to organizations stem from my core goal after graduating college— being part of a team making effective contributions, and feel a part of that organization. I had no opportunities handed to me, so I set to obtain those experiences through contracting. Thereafter, I would transition my skills to provide deployed solutions thereby turning complex data into meaningful insights and comprehensive business recommendations.

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” — Thomas Edison

That’s a story I talked about in a past article, but I am happy to the recent experiences I acquired from this role. As a sample of my recent accomplishments, I enabled a large organization of Sales users to understand compensation and SMB customer performances assigned to them for increased productivity, resolved and improved performances of workflows for deliverable data from disparate systems to other teams, built automation tools, lead in contributions for engineering requests, and even provided knowledge transfer sessions to enable other BI or developer contractors to effectively enable them to drive impact to the organization themselves.

When the time came to turn in my badge, I felt satisfied. I accomplished so much with my past implementations, and I was excited for the next opportunity for providing scalable data analytic and technical solutions for the next team I will collaborate with. Additionally, what was definitely a pleasing thought in turning my badge was amusingly recalling a quote I provided in a “Thank You” follow up email (from a brutal onsite technical interview from this mentioned contracting role) …

Goodbye </3

“It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.” -Sir Edmund Hillary

In the meantime, I am still a Teaching Assistant for an evening Data Analytics bootcamp enabling 30+student cohorts to understand and develop Big Data related projects and volunteering for a Data-for-Good nonprofit.

Moreover, I am showcasing deliverable data insights and tools from my experiences through several projects for my Q1 2019 pipeline. Stay tuned for that. :)

Here is a selection of personal projects and presentations I have created in the past:

You can reach me via LinkedIn for any inquires or questions on projects, experiences, or how I can contribute to your data-related learnings.